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Signs Your AC May Need To Be Repaired

air conditioning repair

60% of Canadian households have some type of air conditioning in their home. Air conditioning can improve the air quality in your home, reduce the risk of heat stroke or dehydration, and create a better sleep environment. Without fully functional and repaired AC, you may not see all these benefits, and you could end up paying higher electrical bills. Strategic Mechanical Services offers air conditioning repair services in Nanaimo that can help keep your unit in tip-top shape. Continue reading to learn the top signs that your AC may need to be repaired.


Energy Bill Increase 

The first indication that you need air conditioning repair is a sudden increase in your energy bill, especially one that doesn't coincide with an increase in use. In other words, if your energy bill goes up but you haven't turned up the AC, your unit isn't working as it should.


Noisy Unit


Your AC should run quietly in the background. If your unit is making any sort of noise, you may want to call an AC repair expert come to take a look. For example, screeching, grinding, rattling, or any other loud noise could indicate a loose part or slipping belt.


High Humidity


One advantage of air conditioning is that it removes humidity from your home. If you start to notice a stagnant feel to the air, mugginess or pooling water and condensation around windows, you probably need air conditioning repair.


Leaky AC Unit


Leaks indicate a need for immediate repair. Even if the AC is slowly leaking water, this can become an environment for dangerous molds. On the other hand, a leak could be a dangerous chemical like refrigerants. Either way, you'll want to get a leak repaired by an air conditioning repair service as soon as possible.


Low Flow


It's a hot summer day, and you've cranked your AC up to full blast, but the flows seem slow and low. This could indicate a blockage, or a motor, or fan problem.


Uneven Cooling


Some of the rooms in your home feel pleasantly cool and crisp, while others are not getting the cooling effects of the air conditioning. This means your air conditioner needs repair. 


Frequent Cycles


Even during the warmest months of summer, your AC unit should have predictable and consistent cycles. If you notice your unit cycling on and off more frequently, randomly, or non-stop, the folks at Strategic Mechanical Services can come to take a look. It may be a simple tune-up or a more involved repair.


How an Air Conditioning Repair Expert in Nanaimo Can Help


A noisy, leaky, or low-flow air conditioning that cycles on and off constantly most likely needs repair. When it comes to fixing your own air conditioning, YouTube may be full of DIY air conditioning repair guides, but you should rely on an air conditioning repair expert. Attempting your own repair with online air conditioning repair tips can result in a more broken unit or a refrigerant-related injury. Save yourself the hassle and give the experts at Strategic Mechanical a call today.


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