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Heat Pump Installation in Nanaimo and Across Vancouver Island

At Strategic Mechanical Services, we strive to ensure your comfort in your home or commercial space. We provide comprehensive services for heat pumps in Nanaimo and across Vancouver Island. If you're thinking about transitioning to this more sustainable heating and cooling solution, you can trust us for installation services. We will provide personalized solutions as per your structural requirements. Additionally, we offer dependable repairs and maintenance services. When you reach out to us for assistance, we will promptly identify the issue and provide enduring repairs. Whether you're in Nanaimo or elsewhere on Vancouver Island, your heat pump needs are covered.


If you're interested in discovering more about our solutions for heat pumps on Vancouver Island and in Nanaimo,  please contact us today. You can also visit our rebates & offers page to learn more about our Comfort Club and the savings and benefits available to you! Besides this, we also provide other home heating solutions, as well as plumbing services to commercial and residential properties in the Nanaimo area.

Heat Pumps outside a house

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an appliance for heating and cooling your home or business. It operates by transferring heat from your property in the summer and pumping heat into it during the winter. Like refrigerators, heat pumps evaporate refrigerants at lower pressures to soak heat from their surroundings. They then condense the refrigerant at higher pressures on the adjacent coil to release the heat they absorbed. If you're considering an efficient heating and cooling solution in Nanaimo, a heat pump might be the ideal choice for your property.

Our heat pumps for Vancouver Island properties are generally more energy-efficient than furnaces. Moreover, they are best suited for mild climates like the Pacific West Coast. Transferring heat requires less energy than generating heat, which means these pumps help you reduce your properties emissions. Heat pumps are incredibly versatile and can meet various structural requirements. Are you on the fence about investing in a heat pump? Our team is happy to discuss your needs and concerns and give informed recommendations.

We can help you utilize rebates through CleanBC and our manufacturers to make heat pump installations more affordable. Just ask us how!

Installation Services

At Strategic Mechanical Services, you can trust our technicians to install all types of heat pump makes and models. Our Nanaimo and Vancouver Island-based heat pump service techs can help you choose the right residential or commercial space solution based on your structural allowances and budget. Whether in Nanaimo or elsewhere on Vancouver Island, our team is here to provide quality heat pump installations and services to meet your needs.

Some steps involved in heat pump installation are:

  • Step 1: The condenser is installed outside the house or building.

The installation begins with placing the condenser unit outside the house or building. This component is integral to the heat exchange process and plays a crucial role in the overall functionality of the heat pump.​

  • Step 2: An air handler mount, which releases cold or warm air inside, is installed.

An air handler mount is strategically installed to release either cold or warm air inside the designated space. This step is essential for regulating the indoor temperature and ensuring the comfort of the occupants.​

  • Step 3: The connection between the air handler and the condenser is established.

A critical phase involves establishing a seamless connection between the air handler and the outdoor condenser. This connection is pivotal for the efficient transfer of heat and the proper functioning of the heat pump system.​

  • Step 4: To avoid accidents, all possible wires, refrigerant lines, and others are covered.

All potential hazards, such as wires and refrigerant lines, are meticulously covered to prioritize safety. This precautionary step is crucial to prevent accidents and guarantees the longevity of the heat pump system.​

  • Step 5: Final connections, airflow check, and adding the covers.

The final steps include making the last-minute connections, conducting a thorough airflow check to verify optimal circulation, and adding the necessary covers for protection. These final touches contribute to the overall reliability and performance of the installed heat pump system.​

The cost of installing a heat pump depends on how it is installed, the size of your room, and the heat pump model. Call us today to learn about energy-efficient rebates available to you, or visit to see what is currently promoted!

Repairs & Servicing

Apart from installing heat pumps in Nanaimo, we also repair and service them. You might only sometimes be able to tell that something is wrong with your heat pump. Neglecting heat pump repairs can worsen the damage and force you to spend more money in the long run. Some common signs your heat pump requires repairs are:

  • Ice on coil: During the heat pump's operation in heat mode, it's normal for the outdoor unit to develop some ice. However, excessive ice formation and a lack of defrosting indicate a potential issue. Ignoring this problem can negatively impact the system's airflow and overall performance.

  • Restricted airflow: Adequate airflow is critical to a heat pump's functionality. If you observe any restrictions in the airflow of your pump, such as ice accumulation, dust buildup, or the presence of foreign particles, these issues could affect its performance.

  • Rising bills: If you experience a noticeable drop in temperature in your home or commercial space, accompanied by a spike in your energy bills, your heat pump may be the culprit. Our team can assess and address any issues contributing to increased energy consumption, helping you maintain a comfortable and cost-effective heating system.

  • Strange noises: While some operational sounds are typical for a heat pump, constant clicking and other unusual noises may indicate an underlying problem that requires attention.


Please contact us if you need help servicing your heat pump in Nanaimo. For those with an existing heat pump installed, we recommend you clean your heat pump at least once a year. Routine cleaning and maintenance can help prevent expensive heat pump repairs. Contact us for regular maintenance during seasonal changes and significant temperature fluctuations.

Signs You Require a New Heat Pump in Nanaimo

We know you depend heavily on your heat pump during winter and summer. While this appliance can provide efficient heating and cooling throughout the year, it can also suffer from wear and tear over time. While we can provide you with repairs, in some cases, a replacement might be a more reasonable option. Some signs that you should pay attention to are:

  • Constant repairs: It is expected to have your heat pump repaired every once in a while. However, investing in a new heat pump might be more cost-effective if it breaks down frequently.

  • Age: Generally, heat pumps can last 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance. If your heat pump is older than 15 years and often causes problems, it might be time to invest in a newer, more energy-efficient model.

  • Energy bills: Have your energy bills spiked for no apparent reason? An old and inefficient heating pump might be to blame. Worn-down heat pumps use more energy than necessary to get the job done.

  • Safety: One of the safety concerns associated with damaged heat pumps is carbon monoxide leaks. We highly recommend being cautious about leakages to protect you and others on your property.

Please contact us if you need a heat pump repair or a new installation in Nanaimo and across Vancouver Island. We also provide furnace installs and repairs, water heater maintenance and replacements, HRV systems in new construction, emergency plumbing repair, and more!

Contact Us To Schedule Heat Pump Installation in Nanaimo & Vancouver Island

At Strategic Mechanical Services, we seek to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We're always available to provide your support and provide permanent solutions. If you'd like to learn more about our heat pump services or want to schedule a service, please contact us today.

If you have any questions, visit our blog page, and call us for emergency services.

Become Greener Today!

Heat pumps are an eco-friendly choice to reduce your carbon footprint. Discover reliable heat pump solutions in Nanaimo for sustainable living.

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