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Fireplaces: 778-841-0474

Fireplace Installations

Fireplaces are a great way to add ambience and supplemental heat to your home. Whether you’ve already purchased a gas fireplace or need help choosing one, our team of licensed technicians is ready to help you! We will install your new fireplace and make sure everything works safely and properly. Get in touch with us today for fireplace installation services throughout Vancouver Island.

fireplace in a living room

Gas Fitting for Indoor & Outdoor Fireplaces, Kitchens, Firetables and more

Amongst many other commercial and residential services, Strategic Mechanical is proud to provide Vancouver Island with gas line installation services for fireplaces and outdoor appliances. Gas fitting requires specialized knowledge to ensure that all gas-carrying pipes are safely installed. Our experienced professionals are licensed to perform safe and secure gas line installations. When you need a gas line installed for inside or outside of your home you can count on us.

Fireplaces & Gas Appliances

Have your new Fireplace or Appliance Installed Safely.

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