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HRV Unit Installations

As homes become better insulated, the problem of stagnant air increases. There are several reasons it is important to have a working HRV unit in your home. For a comfortable, safe and mould-free house, air needs to circulate and be exchanged with fresh air from outside. Each day, the average family expels somewhere between 10 and 50 litres of moisture by showering, washing dishes, cooking, and even breathing. Too much moisture in the air without proper ventilation leads to structural damage, growth of mould, and premature rot. In a relatively humid environment, having an HRV unit is especially important. Strategic Mechanical is experienced in HRV services and will ensure your ventilation is working for optimum performance and energy efficiency. Call our experts in Vancouver Island today.

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Natural Ventilation

Whether you’re looking for a new HRV as part of a project or you’d like your existing unit serviced, we can help. Strategic Mechanical installs and services all brands and models of residential HRV units. Our Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) help get rid of stale air and provides fresh air at all times.

As HRVs use existing heat from your home to warm incoming air, they also help reduce energy costs. Call us today to know more.

HRV Unit Installations

At Strategic Mechanical, we can install and service all brands and models of residential HRV units.

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