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A Guide to Hot Water Tanks: Choosing the Right Type for Your Home

People often talk about the health benefits of cold showers - but let's face it - for most people, they're simply unbearable! Access to hot water is vital, so you want to have a reliable water heater at all times. If you think your water heater might be starting to fail, first start by having a professional at Strategic Mechanical Services to take a look at it to see if they can repair it. If you need a new water heater for your home, there are various options you can choose from. Because every home is different, it is important to choose a hot water heater that will meet the needs of your lifestyle. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about hot water tanks and heaters in Nanaimo. Keep reading to learn more.


Water Heater Options


There are several types of water heaters, with perhaps the most well-known being the tank water heater. This uses a conventional storage tank (reservoir) to store hot water for everyday use. A popular alternative to this is the tankless water heater. Rather than storing hot water, this type heats the water as and when it's needed. You can consider several factors to determine which would be the best choice for you.


Fuel Type


You want to make sure you pick a fuel source that has good availability and isn't too expensive based on accessibility. The different fuel options you can choose from are:

·       Electricity

·       Fuel oil

·       Geothermal energy

·       Natural gas

·       Propane

·       Solar

Both tankless and tank-style water heaters typically use gas or electricity.




This may or may not be a factor depending on your home, but if you're tight on space, a tankless water heater may be best. Tank water heaters are ideal for storing hot water for a long time, but they take up more space, so they aren't suitable for every home.


Energy Efficiency


A more energy-efficient option will save you money and is better for the environment. Solar energy is perhaps the best option here as it's a renewable resource, but may not be viable for some homes. When comparing tank and tankless water heaters, the latter are much better when it comes to energy efficiency. They only heat water as and when it's needed, so you'll use less energy overall.




You want to work out the cost of the installation, as well as the cost for your monthly usage. In general, tank heaters are cheaper to install than tankless water heaters, but are also less efficient, so your utility bills will be higher. You'll need to do some calculations if you want to be certain which option would be cheaper for you. This will involve looking at the fuel source you'll be using, how much water you'll use, the size of the unit, and more. Our team of experts will be able to help you work this out so you can make the right choice.


Hot Water Tanks in Nanaimo


Hot water is essential, but how you generate it can vary. Consider the different options available to you so that you can find the best solution. At Strategic Mechanical Services, we can help guide you towards the best fit for your home and budget; we’ve installed hundreds of hot water tanks and tankless water heaters across Vancouver Island. We can also help you find potential rebates and manufacturer offers to help you save on installation costs.


Strategic Mechanical Services can supply, install, repair, and maintain hot water tanks in Nanaimo and you'll find plenty of 5-star reviews on our website that highlight the quality of our work. You can make an in home appointment with us today to plan your new water heater installation in Nanaimo.


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