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Is a Ductless Mini Split Right for Your Home?


Looking to cool a small portion of your home for as affordable as possible? Hoping for a more permanent cooling option instead of a portable window AC? If so, you should consider a ductless mini split. A ductless mini split system is a wall-mounted air conditioner that provides sufficient cooling for a single room large room, or an open concept living space. If you’re wondering whether a ductless mini split is right for you, then please read on. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of installing a ductless mini split in Nanaimo, or wherever your home or small business may be across Vancouver Island!




Cost-Effective for Single Room Cooling


While ductless mini splits are not effective for whole home cooling needs, for single-room cooling ductless mini split systems are extremely cost-effective. Not only is a single ductless mini split more affordable than a single central AC unit, they are also cheaper to run which will be reflective on your utility bill. If you’re located in Nanaimo, or across Vancouver Island, installing a ductless mini split before it gets too hot will keep you smiling and comfortable during the summer heatwave months.


Easy to Install


Central air conditioners and heat pumps require a more intensive installation process, whereas ductless mini split systems can be installed in the span of just a few hours. If you are looking for a fast and affordable single room solution, a mini split is a great choice for your home or small business.


Simple to Maintain


Another upside to ductless mini splits is that they’re easy to maintain. Generally speaking, mini splits will need to have their filters cleaned every couple of weeks which can easily be done by the home or business owner. A semi-annual service is recommended for maintaining efficiency and longevity of this type of cooling system. Strategic Mechanical offers a semi-annual maintenance package, give us a call to learn more about our ‘Comfort Club’!




They Can Disturb a Home's Aesthetics


Ductless mini split systems need to be mounted on the corresponding rooms’ interior wall. As such, there is a chance of them disturbing your homes aesthetics. However, many homes have ductless mini splits mounted indoors; and they are becoming normalized to the extent that most people won't even notice them as an aesthetic flaw.


They Are Not Cost Effective for Whole Home Cooling


If you are looking to cool the entirety of your home with ductless mini splits you should consider alternative solutions. As previously mentioned, each system only accommodates a single room or open concept living space. As such, to cool an entire home (or business) you would need to purchase multiple separate systems. Contact Strategic Mechanical Services today and we will help you determine what cooling solution works best for your needs.


Are You Ready to Install a Ductless Mini Split in Your Home or Business in Nanaimo?


For many households and small businesses ductless mini splits are a great investment to ensure living space is comfortable. If you are you interested in installing a ductless mini split system in Nanaimo, or anywhere across Vancouver Island, look no further than Strategic Mechanical Services. Strategic Mechanical Services is a premier HVAC company based in Nanaimo with service techs across Vancouver Island. With the help of our skilled and experienced team, we will have your mini split system set up in no time. Get in touch with us now for an estimate!


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