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Filtration & Air Quality Analysis: 778-841-0474

UV Treatment and Air Purification Systems 

The importance of indoor air quality has never been clearer. Today's building techniques have resulted in more tightly sealed buildings than ever, which is suitable for energy usage but allows pollutants from building materials, furnishings, and chemicals from personal care products, pesticides, and household cleaners to enter your home and become trapped. Other hazards include carbon monoxide, radon, interior mould, and VOCs.

With technicians located in Victoria, Nanaimo and Comox, Strategic Mechanical offers a variety of solutions for improving indoor air quality, including residential and commercial indoor air quality analysis, duct cleaning, accessories such as humidifiers/dehumidifiers, air filters, UV treatment and air purification systems. Call us today.

thermal scanning of a house

Filtration & Air Quality Analysis

We are proud to offer air quality analysis for your home or building. We have specialized equipment capable of analyzing for TVOCs, including formaldehyde, as well as measuring temperature and humidity. Let us ensure your indoor air is the best it can be for your own health as well as your surrounding environment.

With advanced filtration technology, there are many options available today to ensure the air circulating through your building is screened for debris and contaminants. Contact us to speak with our experts at Strategic Mechanical for installation and maintenance programs for your air systems.

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